Tomorrow is the last day for almost 800 Chrysler franchise dealers.

After, these dealers will no longer be able to sell new Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles. Many parts and service departments will also fall by the waist sides.

At Rogers Dodge of Alvin, many of the salesmen, service and parts techs have already found other jobs. Others will be unemployed; even a few will say “Screw it” altogether and get out of the car business thanks to a bitter taste in their mouths.

I drove by Rogers Dodge this evening, and all the wispy red and white Dodge flags, ram symbols, most new vehicles and anything remotely resembling a Chrysler product are long gone. It reminds me of a ghost town in Arizona where outlaws and cowboys once set up shop. For example, if you drive through Tombstone, Arizona today, you feel an eery shadow of American history that once engulfed the town. However, there is nothing tangible to remind you of what Tombstone once was (unless you read the monument placards in town or have a fondness for Val Kilmer and pasty, tuberculosis-inspiring makeup).

Ok, maybe that analogy is reaching. But basically, the same can be said for the sad, vacant-looking Dodge store in Nolan Ryan’s hometown. Once a vibrant and thriving business abundant with gleaming clear-coated hoods and shiny chrome, Rogers Dodge is now a skeleton business; like something left after a hurricane passed through. (Actually, Hurricane Ike almost wiped out Rogers Dodge in September of last year.)

Truck lovers, Dodge enthusiasts, Car sentimentalists, get the tissues out. It’s closing time.