If anyone is interested in learning more about our documentary, or if anyone wants to learn about the crisis in the auto industry, there are several articles online that we have included as links for your perusal.

Here are just a few:









Additionally, this is a podcast interview with Nicholas Parks. Check it out:


Just to let everyone know about our reasons for making this documentary, we want to be objective as possible in looking at the bankruptcy of Chrysler (and soon to be General Motors) and how both companies got there (and how they plan to get out). But, we also want to show the human element of this situation, speaking with families in the business and employees of closing dealerships personally.

We plan to interview as many employees as we can in the next 10 days, starting with the employees of Rogers Dodge of Alvin. However, we will make time to call or film anyone who wants to talk about their personal or professional situation given that there are enough hours in the day to do so. We also plan to continue filming in the months after the June 9th drop dead date for closed dealers in order to understand the after affects of these closings.

If you know someone or are someone who wants to be speak on this issue, we welcome you to contact us on our blog or on Rogers Dodge of Alvin’s website. Our film schedule for the next ten days are hectic, but we will do all we can to have your voice be heard. Additionally, filming will not stop after June 9th; we just want to get as much footage as we can between now and then to show the process of closure and the aftermath of a dealership without a Chrysler franchise.

**Please note:  We have no budget for this film. We are not seeking investors to make the film. If you are a dealer, an employee of a dealership or just a citizen who believes in fighting for something, you are welcome to make donations. For now, donations in the form of check or money order can be made c/o:

Rogers Dodge of Alvin 2616 N. Bypass 35, Alvin, Texas 77511

(If a check or money order is made, please make note on the check/ MO that funds are for “Project Disenfranchised.” None of the funds received as donations will go to business expenses for Rogers Dodge. We are not and will not seek to show favoritism toward one dealership above another.)

All donors will be given special thanks in the credits of our film, and you will know that you have contributed to a piece of history. But please do not feel that you have to make a donation to be a part of this project, however. We welcome your support in any form.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us to get this far. We are extremely grateful to you and your families.

More soon, so stay tuned!